You’re Being Judged (by your stock photos)

You’re Being Judged (by your stock photos)

If you’re happy with your current clientele, then great – keep doing what works! However, if you’re looking to grow or are concerned about the need to entice new customers, then there’s something we have to tell you about the stock you’re using (or thinking of using) online.

Times have changed. We live in an age where (like it or not!) your next generations of buyers and consumers are judging and scrutinizing your services to a never-before-seen level before stepping one-foot through your door. So, what does this mean? Not even your stellar on-site staff and customer service can help you. So, what are they judging exactly?

People judge what they see, and in many cases when visitors seek you out or stumble upon you online, they’ll find your website, your social media channels, and your reviews. While they view all this, everything is processed in short-term memory, and judgments are made by the millisecond. People (youth especially) are so accustomed to the online landscape that if you’re using cringy stock photos, they’ll turn a rotten nose, and subconsciously place an unshakable negative bias upon your business. Therein lies the big problem. Now, what can you do about it?



It’s been tested, and even the most top-performing stock photos fall short of the trust and engagement garnered from real photos of real team members, products, places, and clients. To succeed in the cluttered online arena, you want people to feel a personal connection to your brand. Real photos of real people, places, and products will encourage this. Stock, on the other hand, is inauthentic and is seriously polluting your branding!

Don’t worry, we’re not here to beat you up if you’ve chosen to license some stock photos. At Zoom in With Eden, we understand the reasoning. It’s fast, convenient, and high-quality. We simply urge you that at some point in your journey, it needs to be addressed. To cheap out on your marketing in order to save money is much like removing a clock’s battery to save time. It’s not very effective!

So, with all that we’ve shared, consider how your business is currently being perceived by your next target audiences, and when you make the call to get some professional photography done, we’re here to help.




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