New Year, New Headshots!

New Year, New Headshots!

As we slide into the festive season, all thoughts turn to holidays, but what about the New Year? Have you thought about what you want to achieve, both professionally and personally and how you’re going to do it?

A great way to kick off your ‘New Year, New You’ is with a Professional Corporate Headshot. And I’m not just saying this because I’m a Photographer (honest!). 


Below are my Three Top Reasons you can’t go another year without a Professional Headshot.

Attention span is low.

Yep. Apparently, our attention span is less than a goldfish. Yikes! Which means that you have less time to make an impact. So, you need to make the BEST impression you can with a Headshot that strikes someone’s attention and remains in their memory.

Showcase your brand

Whether you’re in business or you’re climbing the corporate ladder, a brand is all about YOU. A great Professional Headshot will sustain itself and your brand, but a poor Headshot can destroy your brand in seconds. Remember, people make snap judgements from something as simple as an image, so what is your image saying about you?

It’s the digital networking age

We all know that the most important means of communication in this day and age is the internet and it allows us to network and communicate with people all over the world. According to Link Humans, there are over 2.1 billion people active on social media. That’s HUGE!  If you want to reach those that matter to your career or business means you need to be more than just good at what you do. Making a statement by adding a photo to your LinkedIn profile alone can boost profile views as much as 14 times. 



Start 2020 the right way and contact us to arrange your Corporate Headshot today!

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