Guide to Headshot Sessions

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Guide to Headshot Sessions

A professional headshot is one of the most important photos you need when promoting yourself,
so I wanted to provide a simple guide to our headshot sessions to help you understand the
process. A great headshot serves as your business card which you can put on your website,
social media accounts, casting profiles, resume, print marketing, just about anywhere you need
to promote yourself! It gives your brand a face and allows your viewers to connect with you,
before you even get to meet them.

For corporate and companies, headshots can help with your branding and make you stand out
from your competitors. It can also show your professionalism, character, personality, and very
essence. It will give people their first impression of you which is why having a professional
headshot is so important. It lets your viewers know you are the real deal!

Would you believe that many people actually dread having to go to a photo session. In fact,
87% of people say they don’t like their pictures being taken. That’s a lot of people!

If you belong to that percentage and you find it awkward to pose in front of the camera, or if you
just want to know how to make your headshot session better, then let us help you. Here’s a list
of tips to guide you through having your headshot portrait taken.

Tip #1: Get a good night’s sleep so you will look your best at the day of the session
Before your headshot session, you should rest and sleep well the night before. This will produce
a considerable difference in the following day. You can feel more relaxed and positive. Plus, you
can prevent those bags under your eyes. While it’s tempting to stay for another round of drinks
or watch another episode of your favorite show, if you want to look radiant and well-rested in
your photos then it’s important to get a good nights sleep.

Tip #2: Choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in
When choosing what to wear for your session, just go with something you would normally wear
when meeting clients. You have to feel comfortable with what you’re wearing as your
uneasiness will be caught on camera. If you normally wear a business shirt, then feel free to do
so. Just make sure you iron it out so it wouldn’t look scruffy in your photos.
For glasses, decide whether to wear them or not at least 15 minutes before the shoot. This will
give you enough time for the glasses marks on your nose to disappear if you do decide to take
them off for your photos.

Tip #3: Don’t overdo your makeup
If you want to wear makeup for your headshot session, wear it as you would normally apply it on
any regular given day. A natural look always looks great, however, if you usually wear bold
colored lipsticks you should definitely be yourself and wear your favourite colours.
Our suggestion is to avoid heavy makeup and dark eye shadow/liner. A more natural look will
brighten your face and make you look super fresh!

Tip #4: Be mindful of your posture
When you’re in front of the camera, remember to be mindful of your posture. So often we slouch
without realising it so it’s a good idea to set little reminders for yourself or practice your posture
for your headshot session, don’t worry we will help you with this. At your session, try to keep
your back straight, stand tall, and be assertive. Having great posture in your photos will make
you look more confident!

Tip #5: Rehearse your facial expressions
Before your photo session, try facing the mirror and practice your facial expressions. When
doing so, make sure that the expression you’re trying out feels natural to you. Are you
comfortable in bringing out those perfect sets of whites or do you prefer just a half-smile? Or
maybe you want to communicate strength and just have a neutral expression?
When you are practicing, try moving your chin up and down and side to side to see the
difference in looks. You may find the perfect position for you and be ready to absolutely nail
your session as soon as you stand in front of the camera.

Tip #6: Be open with your photographer
You must be honest with your photographer. Tell them any areas you don’t want to bring focus
too. This way, you can work better together, which results in better photos as well.
This tip is applicable in any situation where you’ll have a professional behind the camera.
Whether it’s a Wedding and Event Photographer, maternity photographer, or a Commercial
Photographer, you have to communicate your thoughts and be honest so they can bring your
vision to life.

Tip #7: Breathe and relax
Lastly, breathe, relax, and just allow your photographer to direct you for the best possible
photos. Most photographers will know exactly how to make their subjects feel comfortable and
at ease. The most amazing and natural headshots are generally when you are comfortable and
not even thinking about the camera in front of you. Your photographer will likely be chatting with
you, telling stories and asking questions to get you feeling comfortable and naturally capture
you looking your best.
While it may seem daunting at first, having your headshot taken is easier than you think,
especially with the right photographer. If you choose the right person or team for the job, you
may even find yourself enjoying the experience and refreshing your headshot on a regular
For your Corporate Headshot needs in Sydney, Zoom in with Eden is your top choice. They are
experienced and easy to work with. Guaranteed, your photo session will be a breeze!

We look forward to working with you.

This is a collaborative blog by Renee Joanne Photography & Zoom In With Eden

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