Corporate Headshot – Alysha Takes The Plunge

corporate headshot

Corporate Headshot – Alysha Takes The Plunge

Alysha commissioned me to take her new Corporate Headshot images, like the majority of my clients she was a little nervous, it can be very confronting to be photographed by a Professional Photographer. I ensured her that the whole process would be relaxed and fun.

Alysha works in the travel industry

It’s extremely important for her clients to know she is professional, approachable and friendly.

She now has professional images that she is very proud to show her clients.

This is a part of my job I really love when I deliver the final images my clients are usually blown away, this was exactly the case with Alysha.

Alysha White - Web-013 Alysha White - Web-011 Alysha White - Web-009 Alysha White - Web-005 Alysha White - Web-004 Alysha White - Web-001

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