Studio 1A Sydney – Haven’t You Heard

Studio 1A Sydney – Haven’t You Heard

About six months ago I kept seeing the updates on Facebook of a place called Studio 1A …… I was intrigued to find out what the fuss was all about. I quickly clicked the “add friend button” to reach out to Chris and Pania, the owners of Studio 1A.

Few weeks later after one of our shoots my assistant Jimmy Williams wanted me to drop him to a studio in near Newtown called Studio 1A. He was doing a course with them for the evening. This was my chance to have a look and meet my new Facebook friends. So I quickly popped in an introduced myself. I met both to Chris and Pania for the first time. I was extremely impressed with their setup and their professionalism and also the quality of their students photography – what an amazing place.

I popped back in another night to attend one of their evening classes. It was great to meet such like-minded people who like me have a thriving passion for photography.  It wasn’t that long ago I had a full time job was studying photography and my dream to be a professional photographer was something I hadn’t even thought of yet. It reminded me of my own personal journey I have been living and breathing full time photography for the past three years, since starting my business Zoom In With Eden Photography.

On Saturday night they held a Black & White Exhibition located in their loft style gallery just outside Newtown it was a display of new works by both professional photographers, amateur photographers, exhibited photographers (such as Simone Allaston and Stephen Godfrey) and Chris and Pania themselves. The beauty of this exhibition was the works were untitled and not labelled apart from a number referenced to receive votes by the visiting public to pick their favourite image without being swayed to vote for a professional or to vote intentionally for the underdog. It gives emerging photographers the chance to exhibit alongside industry professionals and gives professionals the chance to discover and exhibit alongside new talent.

They studio was packed with creatives, everyone spent time viewing the prints, chatting and sharing some drinks.

There were 25 photographers exhibiting that night and the winner of the People’s Choice award was lucky enough to receive free studio time in the amazing loft space that is Studio 1A Sydney, I was that winner with my Kickboxing Shot.

Looking forward to using this studio time for an upcoming Photoshoot, going to push my limits and see what can be achieved (watch this space).

Here are some more details of what Chris and Pania have created and where you can find them, if you are an aspiring photographer I suggest you contact them and attend one of their sessions, For me to there is no better feeling being surrounded by people with a passion for photography, it really doesn’t matter if they are amateur or professional we can all learn many things from one another.

Studio 1A Sydney is a photographic studio operated by Photographers Christopher Getts and Pania Newport. Their large loft studio space is more than just a photography studio, it’s the hub of emerging photographers and new talent in Sydney. At Studio 1A Sydney Chris and Pania run photography workshops, have regular photography exhibitions and open their studio for creative shoots that blend creativity with talent. They run Sydney photography Club and are exhibited photographic artists in their own right having exhibited both their digital talents and pre-film processes work known in the industry as wet plate collodion (a form or photographic art that dates to the 1850’s).


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