Shoot The Chef 2013 Entry #shootthechef

Shoot The Chef 2013 Entry #shootthechef

Shoot The Chef 2013 Entry from Zoom In With Eden Photography #shootthechef

Andrew Prasad is a local Sydney chef currently Executive Chef at Fort Denison Restaurant. I have known Andrew for over 16 years, this year his first child Ava was born, when I first met her the first thing I said was she was she is so cute I could eat her, so the idea was born to use her in a picture for this competition. The photo was taken in the kitchen at Fort Denison Restaurant when Ava was only 11 weeks old she is resting on a mirepoix of onion, leek, carrot and celery and has a bouquet garni wrapped around her head. No babies were harmed in making of this image.

Shoot The Chef 2013 - Eden Connell - Web Resolution

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