Find Out Our Secrets – August 2018

Find Out Our Secrets – August 2018

Our Top Tips For Your Next Event

Tell us where you plan on using the images; Do you have an event page or website gallery? Will they be posted on social media? Used on banners or posters? All of these answers may influence how we compose or produce your images.

Tell us if there are VIPs at the event; Does your event feature key speakers, sponsors or stakeholders? If they absolutely need to be included as part of your event let us know ahead of time and be sure to point them out at the event. Also, are there particular happenings at the event that need to be captured such as presentations, handshakes or speeches. Give us an indication of the timings so we can plan ahead.

Prepare a shot list; which is essentially a checklist of all the imagery you’d like to capture at your event. The most important aspect of this is your outline of specific photo requests. What is it you need? A picture of the venue, people entering the event with tickets, a picture of people chatting, a picture of each vendor, etc.

Please contact our team if you’re not sure where to start and we would be more than happy to help you plan your next event with us.

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