Don’t Dread Your Work Christmas Party – October 2018

Don’t Dread Your Work Christmas Party – October 2018

5 Tips to Avoid Embarrassment

1. Stay In Control Of Your Alcohol

Your festive spirit and an open bar can be a dangerous combination that could lead to some embarrassment. Getting drunk could cost you your credibility, reputation and, in the most extreme cases, your career.

2. Check The Dress Code For The Venue

Let the formality and the location of the event dictate what you should wear to an office party.

3. Remember To Mingle

An office holiday party is an opportunity to stop talking shop and start getting to know the people you work with every day.

4. Keep It Light

Avoid venting your frustrations, and especially stressful topics. Stick to safe topics: your family, interests, sports, vacations and holiday plans. Don’t get involved in office gossip.

5. Remember This Isn’t Vegas

What happens at the party doesn’t stay at the party. Relax and have a drink, hit the dance floor enjoy the party. You can also help avoid potentially embarrassing photos by hiring a professional photographer for your event.

If you have any questions we would be more than happy to consult with you. Having great images you are proud to share with your professional peers is something to celebrate so contact us today to book your next event.

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