Anne from Sheer Communication’s New Headshots

Corporate Headshots - Zoom In With Eden

Anne from Sheer Communication’s New Headshots

Nothing makes us more happy to get testimonials like this from our clients:

I first became aware of Eden’s talents when I saw some colleagues’ fabulous new ‘head shots’. When I decided it was time to refresh my own photos for my website and social media profiles, naturally Eden was the first person who came to mind. And gosh did he deliver! First of all, Eden chose a fantastic location that had lots of interesting backgrounds. Second he was the best blend of being energetic and chilled at the same time – and this meant I felt completely relaxed and happy in front of the camera. Third, he knew what would work well as a finished product, so his advice regarding angles and how I stood etc was spot on. And I couldn’t be happier with the final results. My goal was to have some shots that were professional and friendly, and Eden has absolutely nailed it. Thank you so much!

About Sheer Communication

Sheer Communication is a business copywriting company based in Sydney. It helps businesses connect with the people they want to reach through writing that’s clear, interesting and persuasive.

Founded by Communications Consultant Anne Farrell, Sheer offers a full range of writing services including web copy, SEO copy, blogs, media releases, brochures, reports, letters, social media posts, email marketing, white papers and more. Workshops to build in-house writing skills are another specialty.

Anne has helped hundreds of businesses to communicate their real value to the world through better writing. “The ability to get noticed and generate the results we want often comes down to the effectiveness of our writing,” she says. “I love helping people in business to cut complexity and boost the energy in their writing so it’s easier to understand and engage with. It helps them present more professionally and get the outcomes they’re seeking.”

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