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Zoom In With Eden Photography was established as the concept of Eden Connell, who discovered his talent for photography whilst travelling through the Americas and India during a sabbatical year. Taking up photography as a way of meeting new people and getting to know the local culture, Eden’s photographs and photography services became such high demand that what was originally planned as a long holiday became an extended business trip!
Photography has been a lifelong passion for Eden; and having honed his talent overseas, he decided to pursue photography on a professional level once back home in Sydney, Australia.

Eden has a love of photography, a fascination with energy and movement…a creative vision of how the two could be integrated and a dedication to capturing the vibrancy of the world in stillness. From all this, a niche for freestyle photography services was identified and Zoom in with Eden Photography was born.
Zoom in with Eden Photography offers a wide spectrum of premier photography services to clients from all walks of life: high-energy event photography, brand and image photography for commercial businesses…all the way to individuals seeking a point of difference for their wedding day or family portraits. In addition, Zoom in with Eden Photography offers creative collaborations on projects such as editorial and promotional photo shoots, advertising campaigns and fashion shows.

Through Zoom in with Eden Photography, businesses and individuals alike have access to multi-industry experience and a wealth of photography expertise, as shared by some well-known stars and brands.

In the relatively short space of time, Eden has shot high-profile international musicians such as Snoop Dogg, Kool and the Gang, De La Soul, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Electric Empire. Eden has also worked with ACP Magazines, Event Cinemas, Fairfax Media,  Mitsubishi, Nestle, NEC, NSW Rural Fire Service, Porsche, Rydges Hotels, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, SBS and Shangri-La Hotels.

Eden has studied photography at the Australian Centre for Photography. Before pursuing a full-time photography career, Eden held several senior sales and marketing management positions across various industries, developing his business acumen and entrepreneurial skills, which enabled him to set up the Zoom in with Eden Photography business, as it is today.

By constantly pushing the boundaries of his craft and experimenting with various forms and styles, Eden is sought after for his imaginative use of mechanics and mediums. Zoom in with Eden Photography is a versatile new direction in creative representation, with a strong commitment to providing flexible shoot options and high quality images tailored specifically to client requests. Eden prides himself on efficient turnaround of the end product and a superior post-production service, with significant time devoted to retouching all images for that final “wow” factor.

So, welcome to Zoom in with Eden Photography - zooming into the motion of your people, your products, your places…your world.
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